Saturday, October 27, 2012


I have been SO happy with Annie's GF products. We have tried their Mac and Cheese, instant Mac and Cheese and I just found little bunny cookies!!! With flavors like gingersnap and snicker doodle they are a huge hit with Ela and I may have chowed a box or two myself...

GF mac and cheese

We also love the fruit snacks because they have less ingredients then regular fruit snacks but Ela still feels like she's getting a treat. My biggest complaint is they are very sticky!! But it doesnt bother Ela one bit. 

Annie's products are sold in Kroger and Target. I havent shopped Publix in a while so I am not sure about their supply. I found Target is the only one who carries the cookies in the GF version. They also list a coconut vanilla version I am dying to find in a store! 



  1. It's so awesome when you find great products you can eat that are all natural. I feel the same way about Larabars, I am hooked. It's so rare to fine natural sugarfree and gluten free!

  2. I remember how much Mary and Cate loved the Annie's pasta, especially the Alfredo one. Ela is blessed to have a momma like you who looks out for her every need!!