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Welcome to Ela is Gluten-Free! I have had a lot of questions about how we keep our family gluten free, where we shop, what recipes I love and how it benefits us health wise. Here I'll post some of the yummy recipes I have made and give some tips to keeping the whole fam gluten free. 

I decided to give eating gluten free five years ago after my daughter was born. I was tired of suffering from debilitating migraines. Like couldn't see, puking, needed to go hibernate in a dark room kind of deal. For me, going gluten free stopped my migraines. My oldest daughter Ela, also had a lot of skin issues. After trying so many products to get rid of her eczema like rash, We decided to take the whole family GF. It has helped alot! When I am not putting on my mom, chef or maid hat I enjoy Crossfit, running, interior design and being outside.   My favorite moments are sitting around after dinner, sipping a little wine, listening to Frank and laughing with people I love. Here's a toast to the good things in life and 
                                                     good bottle of wine with family!

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