A Gluten-Free Life

Starting to eat gluten free can seem very overwhelming. What is gluten? What is gluten in it? How long does it take to process all the gluten out of my body once I start eating gluten free (GF)? Will I miss all my favorite foods? These were just a few of my questions when I started my GF journey.

 Let's start by answering the basic question: What is gluten and why does it seem to be effecting me negatively?

Q: What is gluten and why does it effect me negatively?

A: Gluten is a protein composite found in several types of grains, those include wheat, spelt, rye and barley. The name gluten is derived from glue like properties because it is the sticky proteins that form when water is mixed with flour. For some people, when gluten enters the digestive tract and is exposed to the cells of the immune system it is mistaken for a bacteria and can cause the immune system to wage war.

Q: Systems of gluten intolerance:

A: Let me start by saying I am not a doctor, I write from experience alone and anyone who thinks they may have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease should visit their doctor. Celiac disease can be life threatening and if you have any symptoms please visit your primary care provider and get it checked out. For me, I am gluten intolerant. If I eat gluten I will get a debilitating migraine. If my daughter eats gluten, her skin breaks out in a rough rash similar to eczema. My sister looks five months pregnant if she eats gluten, it causes extreme digestive discomfort for her.
Common symptoms include:
Skin issues
Brain fog
Bloating and many other digestive issues
Behavioral Issues
Joint pain
Chronic fatigue

There are many symptoms of gluten intolerance. Check out Gluten Intolerance symptoms  for more information.

Q: How long will it take the gluten to process out of my system once I go gluten free?
A: It can take as long as six weeks. Some people will notice differences right away and other people it will take longer.

Q: Can I still enjoy my favorite foods?
A: YES!!! There are TONS of gluten free options. The only food I miss is apple fritter doughnuts. And I could probably make them if I tried. Everything else you can get gluten free. Just look for the gluten free labels in the grocery store. Just remember, just because you remove gluten doesnt mean it is healthy. A GF doughnut is still a doughnut. Ill go over my favorite brands as well.

You can do this! Going gluten free is a great way to try and heal any of the above symptoms.

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