Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fancy Pants Dinner

Fancy Pants Dinner
Every once in a while it's really fun to make a fancy fun dinner. I usually love to use our Vera Wang wedding china and crystal but I didnt go that fancy this time. Hand washing all those dishes just didnt sound appealing! 
As fancy as this dinner seemed, it was really easy. My crock pot and rice cooker did all the work for me. After a mug of coffee I got up the gumption to attack the whole raw chicken that has been sitting in my fridge intimidating me. It turned out to be so EASY I was almost disappointed. All the "insides" were neatly packaged in a little bag. I just had to throw it away and wash the chicken. I patted it dry and stuck it in the crock pot. That evening I put the quinoa in the rice cooker and just put frozen lima beans in a pan. I had made the bread a few days ago and just cut and toasted it with fresh garlic. So good! For dessert I made a "dump cake" that was gluten free. It turned out to be amazing. 

Crock Pot White Wine and Garlic Chicken 

1 Whole 3 lbs chicken, washed and patted dry 
4 Heads of garlic, separated into cloves and peeled
Bunch of fresh thyme 
Bottle of white wine 
Put chicken in crock pot, add thyme, garlic and wine. I bought an inexpensive bottle of white and used the entire bottle. 
Cook on low for 8 hours or until chicken is tender and falls apart. 

In the crock pot ready to cook all day long 

The finished product 
It fell apart coming out of the crock pot it was so tender 

White Wine & Garlic Crock Pot 

My favorite gluten free bead mix- The Gluten Free Pantry French Bread Mix 

The quinoa was really easy and delicious. After it was cooked in chicken broth, I added a lot of parm cheese, garlic and salt. I mixed it all together and it was done. Ela is addicted to lima beans, she eat THREE helpings. I cooked them in chicken broth and they were so yummy. 

I lit some candles, put on some frank and poured Jered a little glass of scotch. It was a nice way to welcome him home after a long day at work and I enjoyed being a June Cleaver for the night. I may just have to do that more often. 


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  1. I can just see you in your heels, pearls and apron!! (Ela would steal the heels!) What a wonderful dinner you made!!