Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baby Cakes

My Mom stayed with me for a month before and after I had Ela. It was a long complicated labor that started out all natural with a fabulous dulah and ended in surgery having an almost emergency  C-Section. The good thing is my mom stayed with me through the entire process and afterwards helping me with everything. And by everything, I mean everything. It was so important for me to get out and walk to help heal faster. We went to Harry's (Whole Foods) and she helped me pick out all the essentials needed to cook using Babycakes. So thanks to her, I got the courage to start trying some of the recipes. You do have to pick up some specialty ingredients but it will be worth it. The ingredients can be a little pricey but the good news is, you use tiny amounts of most it so it lasts forever. I go through GF All Purpose Flour (Bob's Red Mill) the fastest. Everything I literally keep on hand for months. The other thing I adore about Baby Cakes is everything is healthy! My favorite is the chocolate chocolate chip cookies. And they flax seed in them. I dont feel guilty eating them because I know they are all organic and good for me. Of course, dont eat the entire batch. Moderation. But let me tell you, it will be hard! 

I just about peed my sweat pants thought because when I went to Baby Cakes website they just came out with a new cookbook!!!! And it had doughnuts on the cover. Yes please! I think I ordered my Babycakes from Amazon but you can get it directly from the Baby Cakes website too. 

Baby Cakes  is one of my favorite GF cookbooks ever.


  1. So this week I decided to cut out wheat to see if it made a difference. I felt a lot less bloated! I wouldn't say I'm gluten-free but I do feel better. DOUGHNUTS!!! We have to make them sometime.

  2. I can't wait to get the new cookbook! Everything in the old one was so delicious. Doughnuts! How exciting!!

  3. I still have not forgotten those amazing doughnuts we had when you came over!! Let's me them again :)