Thursday, February 23, 2012

GF Black Bean Burgers

I found this recipe a while ago but didnt make the burgers until we were in NC last week. They were SO good! Honestly, I thought they beat out a regular hamburger. I found the recipe on .  You first mash up two cans of black beans, onions, celery, one egg (there is a vegan version as well) and some almond flour. I did not have any almond flour so I just used Bob's Red Mill GF All Purpose Flour. It worked just as well and is way less expensive. 

IMG-20120222-00908.jpg The mixture 

Then you form them into burgers and place on a very hot pan with olive oil. It's important to to get the pan really well greased or they'll stick. 

IMG-20120222-00909.jpg The blackened mixture is amazing. I just sprinkled it on the burgers before I flipped them. You cook them three minutes on each side. You'll be able to tell when their ready to flip. 

IMG-20120222-00910.jpg The finished product! With some cheddar cheese. 

I made them again last night and my meat loving husband declared them better than beef! 

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